​LAY-BY Terms and Conditions

​As yet we don't have a lay-by facility within our online shop but we are more than happy to offer lay-by to our online customers. Just contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Lay-by Agreement

Minimum Lay-by Purchase amount
A lay-by agreement may be made on any item or number of items where the total amount of the sale exceeds $50.

A deposit of no less than 25% must be paid to commence a lay-by. An alternate amount may be agreed upon at the discretion of Minki Bazaar management.

Term of Lay-by
The expected term for the lay-by to be completed is 2 months. Should the customer feel they require longer, this should be discussed with Minki Bazaar and may be extended at the discretion of Management.

Payment Schedule
At least one payment must be made per fortnight.

Payment Options
Lay-by payments can be made in store at either location, and may also be made over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard.

Cancellation Terms
The lay-by may be cancelled by the customer at any time. All monies paid by the customer will be refunded in store credit less the termination fee shown below and any other reasonable costs as determined by the termination policy shown below.
The lay-by may be cancelled by Minki Bazaar under the following circumstances:
The customer has breached a term of the agreement (such as missing a scheduled payment).
Minki Bazaar is no longer engaged in trade or commerce.
The goods are no longer available due to circumstances outside of the control of Minki Bazaar.

ermination Fee
An administrative fee of $30 will be charged by Minki Bazaar for the cancellation of any lay-by. Further reasonable costs will also apply, these costs include but are not limited to, storage & handling costs, items which have passed their prime selling time, ie; items which have dated since the layby began and are no longer saleable at full price, transportation costs for items kept off site and any other costs that the lay-by may incur during its term. In this event should the customer’s lay-by instalments not cover the termination fee, Minki Bazaar are entitled to recover the outstanding amount as a debt.
No termination fee applies if the cause of the termination was the fault of Minki Bazaar.

Collection – As most lay-bys are stored offsite, one full working days notice must be given prior to collection of your layby to allow Minki Bazaar to arrange transportation from the storage location to the store. IE; if you want to collect your lay-by on Thursday, you need to contact Minki Bazaar on Tuesday.

Contact us
If you are having difficulty making payments please contact us. We want you to enjoy your purchase and understand that sometimes situations arise that are beyond your control, all we ask is that you contact us to prevent your lay-by being terminated.

Prospect Vale Store 0363442342

Meadow Mews Store 0367157813